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Online Reputation Management Hacking

Ever wondered what role a hacker takes if you hire a hacker for online reputation management hacking? Or maybe, you are just curious about the concept of online reputation management. Let’s clear all these questions up for you today, one at a time.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation can be managed for an individual, or a business depending on your needs. If your career revolves around providing education, research, journalism, and relevant career positions that require exposure to your career profile, then managing your reputation online is a crucial component. 

Elsewise, if you have a business with a customer base. It is then important, for you to maintain, and monitors your online reputation carefully as every business takes a hit on its reputation now and then.

For example, you are running a cosmetic branding business that deals with various types of makeup, and skin care products. One day, you had a customer at your retail store that was left unsatisfied with your staff’s service and decided a one-star review on your Facebook page will serve as a reminder for you. This may turn devastating.

An angry review brings a negative reputation to your business since it is posted for the entire Internet to see. Elsewise, if a customer took even a step further into posting a far-fetched negative story about your business on local media. That may spread like wildfire, and bring your business losses.

For another example as cyber security researchers, we all know that researchers will configure social media accounts such as Twitter, to post about the newest updates of cyber incidents, as well as publish content regarding their findings.

This is segmentation from online reputation management, they are cultivating their reputation as a worthy cyber security researcher using these posts which will exist forever to their name. It brings them the necessary exposure and provides interested parties with a rough gauge of their capabilities.

What are the advantages of a managed Online Reputation?

For those who actively manage their reputation online for both individual and business, you will be able to react swiftly with solutions. These include dealing with negative customer reviews and saving your reputation online by keeping it at the best positive ratio possible.

It will solidify your trustworthiness, as well as brings you the much-needed consumer traffic for expansion and profits.

Online reputation management usually works by responding quickly to negative comments by customers online and reacting with failover solutions against stories in media that may be damaging to your reputation.

This will prevent any butterfly effects that caused negative content to be spread online like wildfire, and it goes the same for positive content using social media marketing strategies.

Most businesses have public relations (PR) managed effectively since it is a more traditional methodology regarding a business’s exposure and brand awareness.

Online reputation management can act as an incentive and booster for your public relations efforts. PR works in an external context such as advertisements and coordination of promotion in media channels. PR works as a strengthening tool for a brand, but it does not cover against attacks against your reputation online mostly.

By combining both PR and ORM, you will have a much wider coverage of your individual or business branding, in a wider spectrum that will have an enhancing impact on your business overall in both social media and localized presence.

The earliest form of online reputation management hacking

The initial form of online reputation management hacking came in the form of social media marketing botting. The usage of software to create unlimited accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to follow, like, retweet, etc for interested buyers to boost their social media presence credibility.

This went well for many years, up to the date as of this article in writing. The effects depend on the quality, as well as the resource utilization capabilities of the vendor to allocate different types of social media events and actions to simulate a real enhanced social media presence.

Further down the timeline of the Internet, media exposure is more focused upon due to domain authority (DA), an unofficial and hidden score calculated to determine your domain’s credibility. You can increase your DA with proper search engine optimization and with enough backlinks to your domain or page from higher authority pages. 

This is where hacking came in, by inserting proper articles and content into higher authority sites such as Fox News, Google, Bloomsburg, Forbes, etc.

Why hackers for hire are popular for online reputation management

Our views regarding this are direct, you get a cheaper rate and faster work compared to a proper marketing agency that charges you thousands of dollars for management. Hackers usually charge less due to lesser capital required, as their skills can be converted into cost reduction.

Hackers have access to extensive resources, at a cheaper rate. For instance, by hiring a hacker to conduct online reputation management. Capable hackers will be able to build your brand swiftly as most hackers have connections with private blog networks. 

Creating blog posts about your company’s latest products or services across a span of thousands of blogs with high domain authority and user views guarantees your branding outreach.

Hackers use powerful tools such as Maltego, a tool for information gathering. Maltego contains many modules that can be customized into searching for information regarding your brand, and your competitors and generate conclusive reports for you to have a clear understanding of your brand’s virtual landscape outlook. 

This is extremely important for you to curate specific advertisements and public relations tactics that give you an advantage over your competitors. Thus, this is the solution for many top companies worldwide.

How Nobelium works with Online Reputation Management

Nobelium has built a solid foundation of mutually beneficial relationships with digital influencers, at a cheaper cost. This provides cheaper options to get business information featured in posts and newsletters. Thus, your company’s exposure and social media outreach will be drastically increased.

Nobelium consists of programmers with many years of experiences, that can assist in the creation of chat automation for your business. Using the proper tools to interact with your clients, and gathering insights meanwhile will have a positive effect on your gaining an understanding of your customers.

What we consider as the most important aspect, is that we can remove defaming articles against both individuals and businesses alike. Regardless of whether it is on a review site, or in blog articles and similiar locations.

Consultation is always free. If you have a problem, we have a solution for it. For more information and a free consultation, contact us using the chat box located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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